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  • $148

    Archery business building custom bow setups, tuning, and selling components

    Brush Country Archery, LLC.

  • $124

    High School Hockey Team

    Portage Muskies

  • $198

    I make custom pillows and plushies, they are hand made, I also make curtains. I'm a seamstress and would like to leave room in my business to do anything within the sewing area not just limit myself to pillows or curtains.

    It Seams Simple

  • $99

    new and used flash lights for sale

    Flash light website and blog

  • $148

    Supplements for active/sports oriented vegans.


  • $198

    Military website that shows military related blogs, stories, and personal tips on common topics. colors: any shade of green, black, brown, red white blue (any combo)

    The Mellow Marine

  • $148

    online sales, t-shirts, ball caps, keychains, gifts etc....

    The Salty Zebra, llc

  • $198

    Sporting Goods store, with storefront and online website as well as Facebook.

    Southern Legacy Outdoors LLC.

  • $148

    Off-grid homestead in Australia

    Rockpile Homestead

  • $99


  • $99

    Assist with the improvement and self development of youth based on athletics. Preparing them for college and scholarship assistance.

    Do It Foundation

  • $148

    Yacht Charter Business

    Liquid Fun Charters

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